About Pawtucketville

Pawtucketville Neighborhood Plan

In March of 2004, the Lowell City Council voted to direct the City Manager to have the Division of Planning and Development work with the Pawtucketville Citizens Council to produce a Pawtucketville Neighborhood Plan. The purpose of this plan is to create a shared vision for the future development of the neighborhood, and to set policies and guidelines to implement that vision over a ten-year period. The Division of Planning and Development (DPD) and a representative group from the neighborhood, the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), collaborated with residents, business people, and other stakeholders to create a document to identify relevant neighborhood strengths as well as neighborhood problems and corresponding solutions.

After more than of year of dedicated work, the document below was produce. It is now up to us, as residents of Pawtucketville, to put the plan into action – allowing development in our neighborhood while protecting its character. Please take the time to read the plan and be a part of the solution.

Pawtucketville Neighborhood Plan (1.4 MB)